Bypassing Scan Exceptions for my domain

“Rejection due to Scan Limitations” means that the mail was rejected by one of the following scanning exception rules

-Office 2007/2010 file contains more than 353 files.

-Compressed archive contains more than 353 files.

-Office 2007/2010 file contains a file with decompression ratio of more than 100.

-Compressed file contains a file with decompression ratio of more than 100.

If these file types are detected in any mail, the mail is rejected at the periphery. The system assumes these are risky and that these may contain viruses and its not worth doing any further analysis on these and also not safe to release to … Read the rest

Requesting for a de-listing of a sender IP address from the QIL database of ERS (Email Reputation Services)

While tracing a mail, if you find any mail blocked with a reason as “Sender IP detected in QIL or RBL”, it means that the mail came from an IP address whose reputation is poor.

While accepting mail from a sending MTA, SMF verifies the reputation of the sender’s IP address by looking up the internal Email Reputation Services (ERS) to determine whether the IP address of the upstream MTA has a “trustworthy” reputation in the database. If it is found to be unturstworthy, SMF permanently rejects connection attempts from such IP addresses by responding with a 550 error (a rejection of the the … Read the rest

I didn’t receive a mail I was expecting, What are the possible causes and What can I do about it


The mail your user is seeking is not in her Inbox or in any personal folder due to some auto filter.
Please review the below possible scenarios to locate your mail:

Steps to look for the mail

Step 1: Mail detected as SPAM and is Quarantined on SMF

It is likely that the mail has been flagged as a SPAM and quarantined on SMF. You can login to the console of SecureMailFlow, which we have provided to your organisation and search for the mail in today’s quarantine.

Resolution If the mail is found, you can release the same for your user.

Click the … Read the rest

What are the applicable mail flow policies on the SecureMailFlow service (clean mail service) of Mithi SkyConnect?

The SecureMailFlow service has the following global rules/restrictions deployed. These are besides the controls deployed on the mail server end where your users will directly connect to send and receive mail. These are documented here

a. Maximum mail size permitted on the Inbound and Outbound path is: 50 MB

b. There is no limit on the attachment size, as long as the total mail flow size is within the above specified limit

c. RBL checks on the Inbound path are configured to scan for low reputation connections and discard them before entry.

d. All mail detected as spam/virus are isolated into a quarantine system.… Read the rest

Why it is displayed on the SecureMailFlow Console that ” Data Collected within last 2 hours may not displayed” . Does this mean that the current logs cannot be displayed ?

In the backend, as mails are transacted, the information is fed back to the console via a series of flows. The priority is given to the actual flow and it may be possible that depending on the load, updating of the console may be slowed down. In most cases however, we have observed that the updates to the console are quite quick.… Read the rest

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