March 24, 2017

But Chat and Video chat need at least 2 people to evaluate?

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Right. While you can singularly evaluate the email, calendar and contacts applications, you would need at least one more person on the network to evaluate the chat and audio-video chat capability. This can be easily done. If you notice, you have created your free self trial account on the “” domain. You can also get your colleague (or colleagues) to create other free self trial account on the and now both or more of you are part of the same domain, You can follow the steps to add each other as buddies in the chat system and start texting and talking to each other.

Confirm following pre-requisites for the video audio-calling application :

  • If you are not logged into FireFox or Chrome – log in using the latest version of the browser and ask your colleague to do the same
  • Confirm that your laptop/desktop has a MIC and a camera which can be accessed from the browser
  • Confirm that the following ports are not blocked in your corporate firewall HTTP/HTTPS 80, 8443 & WebRTC/Stun/TURN 9000, 9443, 3478. If you are using a dongle, then the ports will not be blocked.
  • For more details refer the topic Mithi SkyConnect: Video Calling Pre-requisites

Login to Baya with your valid credentials. If you are already logged in go to the next step.
Go to the Chat application displayed in the right pane of the interface. Chat application displays a list of all the contacts in the roster. If your colleague is not present in the roster, follow the link for detailed procedure to add a contact to the roster.

To start an audio-video call, the presence status of the chat application must be “Free to Video Call”. Change the presence status of your chat application to “Free to Video Call” and ask your colleague to do the same.
Click the “Camera” icon to send an audio-video call request to your colleague.
Confirm your permission to access the devices (Mic and Camera) with the application. Start the conversation once your colleague accepts your call request.

For detailed steps with screen shots refer Mithi SkyConnect: Help Center.

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